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Non Toxic Dry Cleaning - It's Only Natural Dry Cleaning

Welcome To It's Only Natural Dry Cleaning.

It's Only Natural Dry Cleaning provides a new method of cleaning.

  • Our Process is the future of dry cleaning. Many countries are exploring and implementing alternatives to chemical dry cleaning.
  • Our process combines state of the art equipment and newly developed technology together with unique non-toxic environmentally friendly products.
  • Our system has proven itself time and time again, with outstanding results on some of the most complex garments and our garments are all hand finished and inspected prior to leaving our stores.
  • At It's Only Natural we do not believe in compromising on performance or on the products we use in our process. We provide an eco-friendly alternative to petrochemical solvent based dry cleaning. We believe firmly in using environmentally sustainable products in our process regardless of the cost.

With traditional dry cleaning methods, toxic solvents are used to clean your clothes.

The same solvents are used to clean clothes over long periods of time before they are discarded then replaced.

Our products are solvent free and you will certainly notice the difference the first time you pick up your cleaning.

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