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Dry Cleaning Wedding Dresses

Dry Cleaning Wedding Dresses - It's Only Natural Dry Cleaning

Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation

A treasured memory is worth preserving and with the correct care and storage it will remain as beautiful as the day you last wore it. Your wedding dress is a delicate garment, the material and embellishments require care and respect when being cleaned. From the moment you leave your gown with us to be professionally cleaned and preserved until the time of collecting your most treasured dress it will be handled in the most delicate manner.

Our Dry Cleaning Wedding Dress Process

You may at first wish to book an appointment with our manager to discuss the cleaning and preserving of your wedding gown and to raise any concerns you may have.

Our process is unlike any other. Your wedding dress will not be subjected to any harsh chemical solvents or toxic chemicals that could damage the delicate fabric, fibres and embellishments that make up a wedding gown.

Our staff take into consideration all factors of your gown prior to the commencement of cleaning.

  • All the fabrics are taken into consideration such as silks/tulle/taffeta
  • Delicate trims such as pearls/ sequins, flowers, laces and beading are inspected in consultation with you.

Inspection before Dry Cleaning

Your wedding gown is first closely inspected to determine the exact process required to achieve the best result. You will be consulted personally, and any concerns you may have with your gown will be discussed with you at the time of leaving your gown in our care.

Cleaning your Wedding Dress

Your wedding dress is hand cleaned addressing every blemish individually using products that will not harm or damage the delicate fibres and embellishments of the garment. Your gown will then go through the final cleaning process using state a of the art process which is programmed and designed for cleaning the most delicate of garments, once again using products that are non-toxic and chemical solvent free.

Finishing your Wedding Dress

After the cleaning process is complete and we are happy with the result then and only then, will your garment be hand-pressed and finished with the utmost attention given to detail by our experienced and professional staff.


At the completion of cleaning and finishing your gown you will be contacted by our store manager to arrange a suitable time for you to view your gown prior to the final stage of your gowns presentation.

Boxing and Preserving your Wedding Dress

Wedding gowns are folded in layers of acid-free tissue paper to prevent discolouration of the fabric. Extra tissue paper is placed in the bodice of the gown to retain the shape and form of the gown. The gown is then placed in a presentation box for storage, this will protect the dress from the light whilst allowing the fabric to breathe preserving your dress for many years.

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