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Dry Cleaning Prams, Strollers, Car Seats

Dry Cleaning Prams, Dry Cleaning Car Seats

Pram, Strollers and Car Seat Dry Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning your child's car seat, pram, or any other item that has been soiled due to daily use or an unfortunate mishap, a non-toxic cleaning process is more important than ever when it comes to your children and their well-being.

Although it is quite safe and economical to clean your pram at home, at It's Only Natural we can take care of the hassle for you and ensure the best possible result.

The importance of cleaning your pram car seat on a regular basis

  • If you have purchased the item second-hand or if it has been given to you by a friend or family member.
  • Accidental spillage such as fruit juices/ milk/soft drinks
  • Food remnants
  • Leakages
  • Bacteria
  • Cross-contamination

When your child's items are cleaned by us you can be assured that they have been thoroughly sanitised and disinfected. We will not compromise on the importance of your child's items left in our care. Throughout the entire cleaning process we use only 100% plant based cleaning products that are of the highest quality and eco-friendly. These products re-odorise all treated surfaces and disinfect the surfaces quickly. By using these products which offer superior cleaning performance without the harsh odours or toxic residue of ordinary cleaning products, together with high a pressured vacuum and steam cleaning system we can thoroughly remove any foreign substance from the pram or car seat.

Cleaning Your Pram At Home Steps To Take

  • Vacuum thoroughly
  • Remove all washable parts such as seat covering/hood/harness/shopping basket
  • Spot Clean all fabric prior to washing
  • Either hand or machine wash according to care label
  • Hang to dry preferably in natural sunlight
  • Wipe all hard surfaces with warm soapy water paying particular attention to hard to get places where food as fallen and liquids have been spilt.
  • Wipe over wheels and framework dry thoroughly

In most prams the seat covers are removable as is the seat belt/harness, keep a mental note of how you removed parts for easier reassembling.

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