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Corporate Dry Cleaning Shirts, Business Suits

Corporate Dry Cleaning Services - It's Only Natural Dry Cleaning

We also offer a Corporate Business Wear Pick up and Delivery Service.

This service is available in local areas on:

  • Monday
  • Wednesday
  • Friday
  • Or by appointment

Your employees will be able to enjoy the hassle free arrangement that we offer.

The service we have on offer to corporate clients is a pickup and delivery service along with corporate accounts on most garments. Our corporate loyalty programme includes frequent specials covering weekly wear.

Our Corporate Dry Cleaning Process and How It Works

Each of your employees will be given their own individual laundry bag, with a name tag attached, here they will be required to fill in their name and contact phone number. Inside the bag will be several order forms, price list and introduction letter.

Your employees need only to fill in the order form and place it in the bag with their clothes.

The bags will be collected from your office at the designated time. Your garments will be returned to your place of business within 48 hours, or earlier by prior arrangement.

As always If we have any concerns with the orders that we have collected will we notify the customer directly.

Payment is made by credit card only.

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